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Welcome to pem's passion!!

PEM'S PASSION, our stud is the result of our love for the
welsh corgi pembroke, a challenge we take with great enthusiasm and devotion always keeping professionalism and quality in mind.

Our goal is to reach and maintain in time a blood line which equals as much as possible the standard both physically and of character, as we noticed that in our country often the breeding programs are not based and focused on the quality or selection but mainly on the commercial aspect. These choices bring to litters which are quite nice to look at but do not have the desired characters and that sometimes display big faults such as fluffs or monorchids.

With this web site we aim to promote the breed documenting with simplicity and clearly the history, the standard and the peculiar aspects. We also intend showing each dog in our care to offer a synthetic but satisfactory view of our stud; as well as showing our involvement for the future as well as for the past.

We are more than happy to reply to everyone that is interested in the breed and wants to get involved with these special dogs giving sound advice and cooperation by e-mail and personally.

We look forward hearing from you!

Giorgio Bandiziol
S.Martino al T.to (PN)   +393485660279
FCI - For Dogs Worldwide ENCI - Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana